Affiliate Marketing; It's A Dream Job!

When I was in kindergarten, the teacher herded us kids over to the swirly green carpet in the middle of the room, sat us in a circle and asked each one of us, "What would you like to be when you grow up?" My fellow students gave many interesting answers. Some children said 'a firefighter!' Others replied 'a race car driver!' Still others gave wonderfully innocent answers like 'I want to be a princess' and 'I'm gonna be Santa Claus!'

But not me. No, I would not be chained to the conventional roles that the other children sought after. When came my turn to answer the teacher, I proudly proclaimed the vision I had set forth as a shining dream the front of my mind, "Ma'am... as I live and breathe... when I grown up... I will be an online super-affiliate!"

Of course at that time, the internet didn't exist yet, but that's the kind of insightful, forward-thinking child I was. In the following days, I even went door to door asking my neighbors if they had any origami flowers or peach chutney that I could sell to other neighbors in exchange for a tiny percentage.

Now today, I can observe those old classmates and the roles they now find themselves in. Among them are firefighters, chiropractors, and acute care nurses. A few more are managers at grocery stores and the like. And in this economy, I'm not even surprised that a few of them have had to resort to honest work waiting tables at the restaurant and stocking shelves at the big box stores.

But they're all stupid suckers. They're all toiling away, stupidly trading hours of their time for money, instead of leveraging that time into an automated system to generate wealth, like I do.

Let me paint the picture - I can wake up at noon, go to my computer, and (with the breakthrough method I use) I can sit back and watch my system accumulate incredible wealth. In as little as 6 months, I have gone from living in my parent's garage with zero dollars in my bank account to an incredible life where I now live in my parent's garage with 13 dollars in my bank account!! I did this all while sitting in my pajamas at home and following a few easy-to-implement secrets!

To my old classmates - enjoy your drudgery, you stupid suckers!

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