Like my logo? You would, you stupid sucker!!

Look at my logo, man! It's got a font that isn't Comic Sans! It employs gradients and a small amount of graphical design know-how! It doesn't take 16 minutes for the image to load, and it's even sized properly!

What can you glean from these facts? Well, obviously it tells you that I know what I'm talking about! Yeah!
See, if I'm smart enough to go on Craigslist and find some dude to throw together a 5 dollar graphic in half an hour, I'm probably smart enough to have figured out the keys to BIG MONEY through selling products as an affiliate!

Am I some middle-aged woman, showing off her home-made quilts on the web, who slaps up some ugly text in "Comic Sans" for my header? No way, baby! I'm a professional! I got a professional looking graphic! You gotta get one too if you want be be "somebody" online. It's looks that count you know! Forget worthwhile content, just stick a bunch of key-word drenched ads on your link-farm and your wallet will be SUPER-CHARGED with money!

After all, look at all the US Presidential candidates of the last few decades. People don't care about substance, they just want professional looking guys with stiff combed hair and non-threatening, halfway-thumbs-up hand gestures. This example can be carried over into your online money-making ventures! Again, don't waste your time trying to create useful content that people could really use. If you really want to be a ROCKSTAR AFFILIATE, you just have to remember that it's 10 percent content, 90 percent pretty graphics. 

Follow that nugget of wisdom, and SUCCESS will probably be yours almost overnight! Leave a comment and let me know how this SUCCESS SECRET has changed your life!

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